Saturday, July 04, 2009

Oh yes, the spindle...

I lurves my Turkish spindle. And I think it lurves me back.
So, after I talked to another Jenkin's owner, did some spinning, did some reading on Ravelry, and did some more spinning, I am well pleased. I can spin the weight I wanted - which makes for some yummy singles, or a sturdier plied yarn, and the spindle takes one of the steps out of the process.
How? The spindle, my friends, is a transformer.
That ball of yarn has not been re-wound; that's how it came off the spindle. (The elephant? He's on holiday.)
First, the center part comes out. I think of it as a chopstick, and a couple quick minutes of research have yielded no proper nomenclature. So yes, first, you pull out the chopstick.
Then you pull out one of the legs. (As this spindle has them pointed down, I think leg. I've heard arm used as well.)
Then you pull out the last arm. And you have a lovely ball of yarn.
(Isn't it pretty? An 80/20 wool/silk blend. This was the color at the center of the ball of rovings - and not why I bought that roving at all - so I decided to play with that portion of it. Pretty nice, as Am says.)
I am so incredibly pleased with this spindle, & with the yarn that I've spun up so far. I think I'm going to get another lighter one, so I can spin finer as well. I'm not sure if my taste in yarns has changed since I learned to spin, or if I just want to stretch my fiber further, quite literally. At any rate, don't be surprised if another spindle joins the collection. (Let's not even talk about wheels, okay? I can sneak a spindle into my budget, but not a wheel.)
And this is a niddy-noddy.

This is about what they're used for - winding skeins, and setting the twist into yarn. That's the grey wool that I spun & plied - 153g of "Annie Dobson", a grey Romney ewe that belongs to Val. I suspect it will end up as part of mittens. It is pleasingly yarn looking - as compared to some of my very wobbly earlier attempts. (Wobbly yarn is okay - but only if that's what you're going for. I wasn't.)
Another thing I'm pleased with - I finished the Cherry-Stem Hat. Now, not only am I pleased it's finished, I'm pleased with the finished product too.
And so, like any sensible person who just had a project drive them nuts & question their basic abilities, I cast on another one. I'll have more pics of hats, but dudes, I'm in my pj's with no bra & no make-up & I am loathe to admit how sparse my eyebrows are these days. So you'll just have to wait!


Annie said...

'shaft' ;)

i'm completely in lurv with my jenkins, and correna is feeling the same about hers. we both have turkish delights. did you get the bigger one?.. cuz maybe i need one of those too? hehehe

Kourtney said...

What a sensible name! Of course the chopstick is the shaft. Although I may never get that to stick in my head.