Sunday, May 02, 2010

Contemplating the Distance

Contemplating the Distance, originally uploaded by Kourtney_R.

Ah, yes. I haven't blogged much in the last week because it would have read more or less like this...

Dear Diary - Today I primed & painted a wall.

Dear Diary - Today I put second & third coat on first wall and primed second wall.

Dear Diary - Today I put first & second coat on second wall & primed third wall.

Et cetera. A little dry, but certainly a great accomplishment. The main floor is all painted, and we love it. There's just the upstairs hallway & the kid's bathroom left, and those should be easy because there's no deadline we're working against, there's not a lot of stuff in those rooms, and there's not a ton of masking or edging to do.

Speaking of doing - this yarn is my April entry in the Ravelry spindler's group. The theme was "Going The Distance", which makes me think of Cake. I ended up spinning this little sample of yarn on my Kuchulu - and spent the whole time mulling whether I was willing to "go the distance" for that weight of yarn for the rest of the fiber... which is a yummy merino/cashmere blend that I've hand-dyed into sort of sunset colors.

I still haven't decided about the yarn.

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