Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Me, Again?

Yes indeed, I'm trying to get back into the swing of regular blogging. I'm blaming my lapse on the painting. (The painting is to blame for quite a little bit - stubbed toes, paint stained whatevers, a full fridge, bad sleep habits, and most tragically - a complete distaste for this month's spindling challenge of "Paintings". I should be thinking Monet or Degas, but I can't get any further than 'CL1672-N'.)
I am totally delighted with the colors the house is - and oh what colors! I'll do a pictorial her or on Facebook one of these days - I'm having no luck trying to take pics.
I'm also delighted that spring is here. People watching seems to be so much more fun in spring, not just because you can see people (as opposed to parkas), but because everyone is feeling all uninhibited & unfettered. Today on our errand run, we (Eleni & I) saw...
1) Two dudes with one long skateboard.
2) A woman earnestly discussing her rosemary bush.
3) A man in a poncho
4) A woman with green hair in Carhart overalls & a tank, industriously shovelling.
5) A woman in sever black business garb from the neck down, with a GIANT rasta hat & maybe a flower? Or something?
6) Two people sharing a 'smoke', on the same kitty corner to the police station downtown. I'd hate to speculate about the provenance & legality of that 'smoke'.
7) At least four different couples in love, or at least spring lust.
8) At least four mother/child/stroller combinations.
9) The knitters! There was A___, C____, M____, J____, R____, and of course M_____. (For a bonus, B__ was there too - I usually don't see her on Tuesdays!) We stopped at Make 1 - in my original plan, Eleni was going to be asleep, so I could knit for a while. I was foiled by my small associate, who was awake! And charming! And drooly! So instead, I chatted, and ended up buying yarn. *sigh* I am a weak, weak woman when it comes to yarn.
And now, I think I hear the oreos calling me, speaking of weaknesses...

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