Saturday, May 29, 2010

Well, This Sucks

So, this was the yard on Tuesday...
And this is the yard right now...
Yes, that's right, it's Saturday.
Here are the "spring" tulips.
And our mayday tree, in the front yard. The footsteps belong to the paperguy; none of us have been silly enough to venture out yet.
I'd love to tuck up & do nothing but knit today - but sadly, the day is otherwise spoken for. I'm almost done the basement reorganization, and we're making hamburger today. (Don't ask. If you're lucky, I won't blog the photos.)
Plus, I need to go to the LYS to wind a skein of yarn - the man dismantled my skein winding table (I have the ball winder & swift set up together) so that he could put the bedding plants in the window. "How often do you really use that?" Ha. If it were for anything other than the baby plants, I might have bristled. But I want the babies to do well, so... an excuse to go to the yarn store!


adriene said...

I'd have to agree - all that snow sucks! We didn't get the snow you did, but it was still frigging miserable. Hope you are getting the sunshine today.

705RupertJ_Brobst0 said...
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Kourtney said...

We got about 7 minutes of sunshine in the evening... and it was so good. Hopefully more tomorrow!