Sunday, April 05, 2009

She's A Two-Year Old, Now!

And she has been especially sweet today. Amoryn's party was yesterday, and I'd call it a success. There were three toddlers - which means that there was too much low-grade travelling chaos &/or crying to call it a raving success, but still. It was fun, there were helium balloons, cupcakes, & stickers in the prize baggies. What more could a person want?
Oh. Pictures. Yes. Well, the camera is upsatirs, as are a pile of tax things that need to be sorted out. (No, I'm not late; I take them in every year at this time. The man gets some weird slips, & I am convinced that I'm better off a little slow, than early & incomplete, which requires rework.) And so, when I go upstairs, the tax stuff will suck me in with the Vortex of Responsibility.
In other words, no pictures right now. Maybe later this evening, or tomorrow.
(And although I may not have any great pics of the party - too busy running about - there are some great cupcake still-lifes. And that's almost as good as an adorable toddler, right?)

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