Thursday, April 30, 2009

Silliness & more Ethiopia!

My silly moment of the day:

I tried to flip open my cel to make a call – and somehow managed to hit a combination of keys that opened up the camera function. So as I opened my phone, it said:

“BOING!” (which is the noise the ‘camera’ makes), and I said:

“AGH!” (which is apparently the noise I make). And then I dissolved into giggles, partially because hello? My phone just boinged at me? And this is frightening why?

I also work in a cube farm, so I’m imagining what that sounded like to my neighbors. I shouldn’t have been surprised – Amoryn regularly finds shortcuts on all sorts of things – cell phones, remote controls, computers – that takes me to hitherto unknown applications or functionalities. Why shouldn’t I manage to do the same?

At any rate, more words from my favorite broad abroad...
From: S________
Subject : Ethiopia, Day 2

OK, I wrote a charming and witty description of what we did today, rife with detail and local clour, and this effing computer deleted it before I could send it. So to sum up:- We had fun.- We saw a 17th century castle. It was interesting.- We met some kids. They taught us a game like Jacks. We sucked.- I saw a painting of 2 women spinning and knitting yarn. I mentioned that my friend Kourtney and I do that too. They think we're nuts.- We saw 'Lucy,' a prehistoric hominid fossil widely believed to be the missing evolutionary link between us and monkeys.- We saw the Mercado, or market. It was loud, crammed full of everything (including baskets, spices, coffee, old tennis shoes, old plastic jugs, cows, chickens, and sheep, and everything else you could possibly think of) and layed out in absolutely random fashion. Loved it!- I almost got run over by a cow, running down the street outside the hotel. The salesguy helping me look for sunglasses grabbed my arm and hauled me out of the way. Cool! It's a gong show today because it's Easter here and the end of lent, and tomorrow everyone is eating all day. Hence the unhappy cow. I'm sure it would've run around me anyway (in the movie 'Australia,' pieces of which I watched half a dozen times yesterday, hunky Hugh says so) so no real danger. Exciting though. So tomorrow we head into the countryside and I'm not sure how accessible the internets will be out there. Will email when available. Later skaters,____

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