Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Envisioning A Happy Place

Feb 09, originally uploaded by Kourtney_R.

Today has been a long day at the office. I've been trapped between a technophobe & a technophile, with a glitchy printer to boot. I'm also covering for a brilliant coworker, which is terrific - we all need vacations. But she's smarter than me in several ways, and so today has felt like a long & sisyphean* journey.
Thanks heavens tomorrow is Wednesday; I may not be knitting on a beach, under the Hawaiian sun, but I'm certainly going to hit yoga & the dye pots.
* http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/sisyphean - pertaining to Sisyphus, a son of Aeolus and ruler of Corinth, noted for his trickery: he was punished in Tartarus by being compelled to roll a stone to the top of a slope, the stone always escaping him near the top and rolling down again. There, don't you feel smarter? Now you can sound all edumacated next time you need to gripe about some crap work or chore.

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